Flu Vaccinations

A flu vaccination can help to protect you and your loved ones from infection caused by the influenza virus. The more people who are vaccinated in the community, the less likely it is for the disease to spread.

Flu vaccine appointment types: 

  • Private flu vaccines – cost $20.00
  • Government funded Flu – no out of pocket cost for medicare card holders

Please note that children under the age of 10 receiving their first ever flu vaccine require 2 doses of the vaccine, 4 to 8 weeks apart. 

Who is eligible for a Government Funded Flu Vaccine?

  •  Children 6 months to <5 years
  •  Pregnant women
  •  Patients 65 years and over
  •  Immunocompromised patients and patients suffering from Chronic Illness (see more information below)*
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patient
  • People aged 6 months & over with medical conditions putting them at increased risk of severe influenza & complications, including:
    • Chronic respiratory conditions
    • Chronic neurological conditions
    • Immunocompromising conditions
    • Diabetes and other metabolic disorders
    • Renal disease
    • Haematological disorders
    • Children aged 6 months to 10 years on long term aspirin therapy.
    • Cardiac disease

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