Childhood Immunisations

Parkhill Medical Centre  offers a range of immunizations to help protect us from preventable and life-threatening diseases.

Childhood – 6 week immunisations 

The best way to protect your newborn from serious infections is to have them vaccinated. We provide childhood immunisations based on the National Immunization Program. For more information about specific childhood vaccinations, please refer to this schedule: National ImmunisationImmunization Program Schedule

Making your baby comfortable during the immunisations

While the injections might be scary for the child, it can be even scarier for the parent! There are several ways to make your child’s immunization easier. You are encouraged to hold your baby and comfort them with hugs and cuddles. Some babies are very happy to feed during their injections, which can act as a distraction and comfort them. Sucking can also help relieve pain or distress, so remember to bring their dummy or a bottle of formula. Our doctors and nurses will make the process as easy and quick as possible!

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