Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Assessment

Health Check is a health assessment that helps to ensure that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people receive primary health care matched to their needs, by encouraging early detection, diagnosis and intervention for common and treatable conditions that cause morbidity and early mortality. Given the disparities of health care availability for aboriginal and Torres Strait islander population groups compared to other Australians, Parkhill Medical Center recognises the importance of providing preventative health services catered to their needs. 

One such service is a yearly health assessment, which is available to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of any age. The health assessment is designed to identify any health issues or concerns and provide appropriate treatment and support. It is also an opportunity to discuss any cultural or social issues that may be impacting a person’s health.

What will the health assessment be like? 

Your health check can take up to an hour. As well as the doctor, you will also see the nurse. If it makes you more comfortable, you can bring an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander health worker along. 

Your check will depend on your age and circumstances, but your health professional might:

  • check your blood pressure
  • check blood sugar levels
  • measure your height and weight
  • do a blood test
  • do a urine test
  • ask about the health of your family
  • talk to you about your health priorities and goals
  • do other tests, as needed.

Remember that it’s your check, so tell your health worker about any worries you have!

Your doctor will let you know if you need any follow-up care to look after your health, and where you need to go for that care. They might suggest services to help you with your:

  • heart
  • vision
  • hearing
  • movement
  • mental health.

This is a very important step towards taking care of your health, and we commend you for this! Book a consultation with your GP today

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