Becoming a healthy adult requires a healthy passage through adolescence. This involves both physical and mental development, at a time when there is increasing freedom of choice, yet a lack of experience to adapt and cope with many of these sudden changes. Rapid growth, weight changes, secondary sexual characteristics and acne can all lead to self consciousness.

Parkhill Medical Centre’s ‘’healthy teen check’ takes into account  these continuing challenges to help make the transition from childhood to adulthood a more positive experience through open discussion, monitoring, changes and treating any problems that may arise.

Strategies to cope with more complex relationships and the introduction of topics such as sex, alcohol, drugs, peer pressure and bullying can be useful. Recognising and dealing with these problems can improve the development of social skills and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Sexual health screening

Parkhill Medical Centre recognises the sensitive nature of sexual related health matters and that discussing your sexual health concerns may feel embarrassing. Yet, for general health and well-being, it’s essential to have sexually transmitted infections (STIs) diagnosed by a doctor as soon as possible, delaying diagnosis could have unintended health consequences. Note that a sexual health check is just like a regular visit to the doctor where concerns can be discussed and addressed. Within your consultation, your privacy is protected. Your doctor will record your sexual preference, the regularity of sexual intercourse and medical history, so that they can advise on how often you should have sexual health screening.

Sudden growth

Otherwise known as a growth spurt, it can leave teenagers clumsy and uncoordinated due to their brains not having enough time to adjust to the rapid changes. It is important at this time to ensure that an adequate amount of protein, calories, and other nutrients are met. Your doctor can offer advice and information as to what this constitutes and what other development traits are associated with this stage of a teenagers life.

Weight gain or loss

Body image is important, as developing a positive and balanced view about how we see ourselves will impact on other aspects and elements of our lives. The exact cause of the most common eating disorders are unknown but certain risk factors such as societal pressure or personality traits such as perfectionism or anxiety might play a role. Regardless, understand the possible causes of eating disorders and having an open discussion of healthy-eating habits will help mitigate the risk of an eating disorder developing. If one does develop, there are many options that can be discussed with your GP at Parkhill Medical Centre.


Many complex changes occur during this stage of life but the comforting fact is that we all go through it on the way to adulthood. The hormonal changes are different for everyone, but with the correct advice and counseling, those experience this life change and the people around them are better able to map this uncharted territory.


A big influence on our happiness and success, self-esteem can be a fragile thing. Swayed by those around us and our inner voice, it is important t build and protect this valuable emotional resource. Having tools to develop self-esteem, such as positive thinking and resilience to cope with failure, is essential to this stage of life and there is plenty of information and exercises that can be provided for this to be achieved.

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