Pre-Employment Medicals

Parkhill Medical Centre can provide a range of medical assessments that meet any insurance or legislative requirements that any organization may have. All medical assessments are conducted at our Medical Centre may include:

  • Routine checks (medical history, physical examination, basic laboratory tests) 
  • Electrocardiogram testing
  • Spirometry testing 
  • Physical capabilities testing 

The purpose of the pre-employment medical is:

  • To identify physical and psychological problems which may affect the ability of the candidate to carry out the proposed employment in a safe and effective manner.
  • To advise if there are medical reasons why the duties of the position may not be suitable for the candidate.
  • To identify those adjustments to employment that may be required to enable the employee to perform the job to the standard required

You might be worried that an existing injury or condition will rule you out. But rest assured, employers cannot exclude you for this. They simply want to make sure you’re undergoing proper treatment for the injury and that the workplace is a safe environment for you and your colleagues.

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