Take charge of your body! Be in charge of your future so you can start your family by choice and not by chance. 

You can choose from many different kinds of birth control some are more effective than the others. But remember, no form of contraception is 100 % effective. 

The most suitable form of contraception for you will depend on a number of factors like your overall health, lifestyle, relationships, your risk of contracting a STI and how important it is for you to avoid becoming pregnant.

We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each type of contraception with discreet care, so you can make an informed decision that meets your present and future needs

 Contraceptives to consider include: 

  • Intrauterine device (mirena insertion) 
  • Hormonal implant (implanon insertion) 
  • The oral contraceptive pills 
  • Contraceptive injections 
  • Condoms, diaphragms and other barrier methods 

“The truth is women use contraception not only as a way to prevent unintended pregnancies, but also to improve their health and the health of their families. Increased access to contraception is directly linked to declines in maternal and infant mortality.”

Felicity Huffman 

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